Linguistic Disorder of the Character with a Stutter in the Movie Script of A Fish Called Wanda


This research analyses the language disorder of the character with a stutter in the movie A Fish Called Wanda. This is a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to receive, process, store and respond to information both in written and spoken language. People who have a stutter have difficulties in spoken language. It influences their daily communication. One word can have a very significant meaning for the people who experience it. This phenomenon happens in the movie A Fish Called Wanda. This research used qualitative methods. The data were taken from the movie script of A Fish Called Wanda. This research explains the type of language disorder and the context when the language disorder occurs. To obtain manageable and systematic data, the researcher watched the movie to get a deep understanding. The data were analyzed by using the language disorder theory proposed by David Carroll. The language disorder which happens in the character Ken’s speaking is divided into two types. The types are fluency disorder and voice disorder. The most dominant type found in the movie A Fish Called Wanda is fluency disorder with the percentage of 82.8%.

Keywords: linguistic disorder, fluency disorder, voice disorder

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