The Experiential Meaning of Dancow Advertisements


Experiental process is a part of systemic functional linguistics, a theory of language that is oriented to the description of how language makes meaning in context. Systemic functional grammar views language as a resource for making meaning. This research was conducted to investigate the types of experiential meaning and the most dominant of experiential meaning used in Dancow advertisements in 1983, 1986, 2003, 2010 and 2014. This study was conducted by applying a descriptive qualitative method. Data were taken from television, websites and magazines. The relational process was found to be dominant, with a value of 40%, and it occurred 16 times. The material process had a value of 27.5% and was used 11 times. The mental process was on the third level with 25% and was used 10 times. Finally, the behavioral, verbal and existential process had the lowest percentage with 2.5% and was used 1 time.

Keywords: Experiential Process, advertisement, mass media

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