The Rehabilitation Potential of the Professional Education of People with Disabilities


The authors analyze the results of socio-pedagogical research, which is based on the International Classification of Functioning implemented in the process of blended learning of students, bachelors with disabilities and a special medical group of the Tyumen State University. There is the domination of people with disease musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system among test subjects. However, 73.0% of students think that they are “practically healthy” and have no special educational needs. There is the revelation of the absence of serious complications in the state of health during an academic year; the possibility of a conscious independent choice of the individually oriented educational trajectory of student development, the understanding attitude of teachers to skipping classes for health reasons in people with disabilities. The results of the research demonstrate a synergistic effect of the inclusive education of disabled people and students with disabilities, high rehabilitation potential of the educational environment of the university.

Keywords: physical education, students, disabilities, disabled people, rehabilitation

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