The Formation of Entrepreneurial Activity in the Master (Graduate) Programs


This article is devoted to understanding entrepreneurial activity among students. The aim of the study is to examine the issue of entrepreneurial activity formation, examining entrepreneurship as a central over-system property of the personality, which can be formed and developed. The results of a study of entrepreneurship among university youth are presented. The methodology of Catella, the study of entrepreneurship, the technique of diagnostics of readiness to risk by G. Schubert, ”Motivation to success” and ”Motivation to avoiding failures” by Ehlers, the technique of diagnostics of level of subjective control, methods of mathematical statistics, which were used in this study, allowed us to see the correlation, providing a formed entrepreneurship: high levels of risk tolerance, combined with high motivation for success and low motivation to avoid failures. dents the study has shown that the first bachelor’s courses students’ competences are not formed in the educational process. The study has revealed the tendencies of the educational process modernization at the department of “Organization of work with youth”, which lead to the students’ entrepreneurial activity formation.

Keywords: entrepreneurial activity, entrepreneurship, student environment, entrepreneurial thinking

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