“Guest Teacher” As a Class Inspirational Program in Pandemic Covid-19


This study aims to (1) describe the “Guest Teacher” program in TK Laboratorium UM Malang, (2) analyze the efforts of the “Guest Teacher” program in PAUD learning, (3) and identify the factors inhibiting the activities of the Guest Teacher program. Respondents in this study were teachers and parents who participated in the Guest Teacher program. Data collection techniques in this study used interviews, observation, and documentation. This research employs the descriptive qualitative approach. The research was conducted based on initial observations of teachers and parents in TK Laboratorium UM Malang. The results showed that the efforts that have been made with the Guest Teacher program for parents show that most parents have an awareness of the importance of their participation in children. With the implementation of the Guest Teacher program, it can foster parental participation in education and childcare. Parents raise awareness of their roles as supporters, teachers, students, advisors, protectors, and as inspirations for students.

Keywords: guest teacher program, inspiration class, kindergarten

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