Development of Interactive PLC Learning Media Based on Virtual Learning


This research aims to develop interactive PLC learning media based on virtual learning. The interactive PLC learning media uses a 3D simulator design to simulate the application of PLC in the industry, so it looks like real and makes students more interested in learning PLC This study uses experimental methods. The 3D simulation software is Factory I/O developed by Real Games. It enables us to build a conveyor virtual plant and to bring it into the classroom. The automatic controller used to control the virtual plant is the PLC Siemens S7-1200 with Tia Portal software. The PLC is connected to the computer server through an ethernet network via TCP/IP protocol. With the rapid development of current internet technology, PLC learning can be done in virtual learning. This PLC learning media can be run remotely through the internet with team viewer program so that PLC learning is not only done on campus but can be done anywhere. From the results of research that has been done, the user can create PLC programs remotely to control conveyor virtual plant on a computer server through an internet network without having to install the program on their computers.

Keywords: PLC, interactive learning media, virtual learning, remote desktop

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