Paradigm of Visual Communication of Sticker Design in the Age of Industrial Revolution 4.0


Paradigm changes due to new technology have a major influence on promotional activities. This is suggested by the change in promotion used to identify and target audiences. Where the target audience was once a large indistinct mass, promotions are now directed at specific individual users. In the industrial revolution 4.0, there was a significant change in technology which produced many shifts in the meaning and understanding of information. One development was a new paradigm that emerged concerning the meaning of stickers in the digitised era. This study considers whether, in the context of promotion, conventional stickers can be replaced by the presence of new technologies that give a new paradigm to stickers? Based on data obtained from interviews and questionnaires, the visual communication paradigm of sticker design in the industrial revolution era 4.0 shifted the perception and meaning of the word ’stickers’. The description of the results of this study can be used as reference material to find out how to deal with the new paradigm in visual communication media in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

Keywords: paradigm, stickers, industry 4.0, media, visual communication

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