Creativity of Lighting Industry in the Interior Design for a Thematic Café Resto in the Disruptive Era


This era of disruption has caused turmoil multiple industries, especially the creative industry. One development is the emergence of cafés in public spaces as a place of socialization for the people of Jakarta. This more widespread presence has an impact on the thematic creativity of the interior designs for cafés, restaurants and coffee shops. The number of cafés has seen a significant increase – matching the shifting lifestyle of urban communities. Digital technologies and social media platforms are increasing consumer attention on café decor. Interior designers are required to produce creative and innovative layouts. Lighting has an important role in creating the ambience. Thematic cafés with good lighting will produce a beautiful, comfortable and functional atmosphere. The demand for creative lamp armature designs support creativity designers. Data was collected for this study via direct observations, interviews, and literature studies, and analysis descriptive qualitative methods were applied to consider the approach of lighting concepts, aesthetics and design.

Keywords: disruptive, creativity, lighting, cafe, thematic

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