Designing Digital Advertising with Scribble Animated Video Techniques


Digital Advertising using the scribble animation video technique is one of the promotional media used to provide information about Footwear Marks.C products. This video advert aims to attract consumers to buy local products. In order stand out from other promotional videos of similar products, in this video scribble animation effect is added to strengthen the message. The process of visualizing this video advertising starts from data searching, then the data is analyzed and the findings used in the concept drafting. Finally the title, synopsis, and storyboard are made. The next step begins with the selection of actors, the process of filming, video editing, and music composing. The vfx editing stage is where the scribble animation is added with adobe after-effect software. Then, the final stage of rendering occurs, followed by publishing on social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. This design produced an animation effect video entitled ”Digital advertising Marks. C Footwear with scribble animation” which has been uploaded on Youtube and Instagram with a video duration of 3 minutes 22 seconds.

Keywords: digital advertising, scribble animation

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