Afrofuturism in Black Panther Superhero Costume as Culture Sustainability Media (Charles Sanders Pierce Semiotic Analysist)


Black Panther is a successful film with various awards and a large revenue. One factor that received attention from the global community was the hidden message contained in the film. The costuming in Black Panther was one of the most important message media. This study determines the various meanings contained in the costume using Charles Sanders Pierce’s semiotics theory, which connects representamen, object and interpretant. Pierce’s semiotics theory is classified as a communication semiotics theory, which communicates a thought with new thoughts. Semiosis in communication semiotics occurs continuously or in a rolling manner. Semiosis will be stopped if the researcher has found meaning. Communication semiotics is considered relevant to this research, because the Black Panther costume can be analyzed from various aspects, so the meaning found will be varied, unlimited and profound. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach to the stages of determining the problem, determining the type of data, determining the method of data collection, determining analysis techniques, and making conclusions. The data obtained were analyzed using Pierce’s semiotic trichotomy table. Data analysis was also strengthened with relevant bibliography, so that contextual meaning was found. The results of semiosis in this study indicate that the Black Phanter costume represents the existence of the black race through physical form, color and symbols. The costume is a product of the afrofuturism movement, a movement that aims to campaign for African culture. The Black Panther costume represents that Africa has a rich and competitive culture. Through the Black Panther character, black people are imaged as a virtuous, civilized, advanced, intellectual, artistic and warrior-spirited nation. The image is an attempt to sensitize the public about human rights equality and tolerance between groups.

Keywords: Black Panther, Kostum, Semiotika, Afrofuturisme.

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