Exhibition Environment for Visitors with Visual Impairments


This article discusses the organization of the exhibition environment for visually impaired visitors. We present a number of examples of modern displays designed for people with visual impairments. Among them are the exhibitions Touch the Prado, See the Invisible, Touch the Uffizi, the project The Language of Sculptures in Braille, as well as other exhibitions – pioneers among the exhibitions for visually impaired visitors. We describe the main types of tactile exhibits, as well as the key required to provide information and adopt the space for people with visual impairments in public buildings. Besides adapting the premises, museums should also have well-designed programs for all categories of visitors to specialized exhibitions. The main goal of museums that are working on exhibitions for people with sight disabilities should be creating atmosphere that immerses them in the world of art and also helps them to get maximum experience of learning about the exhibits.

Keywords: exhibition, visually impaired people, adaptation, museum, art, tactility, inclusivity, touch, information, accessibility, perception

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