The Challenges of Assessment: The Projects of BRICS Cultural Diplomacy


This article explores the challenges of expert assessment of the projects in the sphere of cultural diplomacy organized between the BRICS countries. Such assessment is necessary whenever there arises a controversial or unclear moment relating to understanding of a given phenomena. In this case, a specialist or a group of experts in the required field of knowledge are appointed to carry out the research of the object and to provide recommendations. Assessment is an important management instrument essential for decision making process and for removing contradictions. The cultural assessment is aimed at revealing and identifying perspective and vectors of development for culture, for people and society, as well as forecasting the fundamental directions of communicative processes. For the BRICS cultural projects, the assessment is crucial first and foremost for developing the foundations of the future BRICS unified cultural policy, taking into account the characteristic features of this organization, identifying its strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for BRICS development and the growth of its global influence.

Keywords: cultural assessment, BRICS, cultural policy, cultural projects.

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