Sheikh, the Scholar, Parent: Ibrahim Rahim Al-Hiti’s Scholarly and Advocacy Efforts at Al-Isfiyya School


One of the scholars of Al-Asafiyya School in Fallujah during the second half of the fourteenth century (AH) was Ibrahim Rahim Al-Hiti. He was an imam, orator, and preacher, and he was a reference for Fatwa on pressing issues. He followed the same curriculum as Sheikh Abdulaziz Salem Al-Samarrai (may God have mercy on him) with regards to his teaching methodology, particularly in terms of scientific and cognitive progression. Al-Hiti was distinguished by his social standing, as he represented the religious and social reference in both the city of Heet and Fallujah. He passed away on Friday morning, 30 Shawwal 1404 AH corresponding to July 27, 1984 CE.

Keywords: Hiti, Fallujah the Great Mosque , Khatib , imamate , Sheikh , Ibrahim, Rahim