Graduation fundamentalist for some of Fatwas Shakhe Abdulazeez Alsamarra's


Praise and blessings are all due the Almighty Allah and due his Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and due all his companions and all his household. The Islamic Jurisprudence is one of the loftiest fields of study. The relationship between jurisprudential principles with field of Islamic Jurisprudence is organic. Applying the jurisprudential rulings helps to steer the judge or the Islamic scholar away from excess or negligence. Guided by this fact, I plan to go through this field to extract the principles of the jurisprudential matters. It is known that the jurisprudential extraction is based on three points:

1. Extracting the subordinate out of the subordinate

2. Extracting the fundamental from the subordinate

3. Extracting the subordinate from the fundamental.

What matters me in this paper is the extraction of the fundamental from the subordinate as it uncovers the fundamentals and the principles of the Islamic Scholars out of their subordinate principles. This paper focuses on an important scholastic personality, Sheikh Abdulazeez Al-Samarai.  Following a brief introduction about Al-Samarrai, I focus on the importance of fatwa. I also define the fundamental extraction. I have in the conclusion duly extracted a small select of the Sheikh’s fatwas.

Keywords: Graduation fundamentalist Fatwas Abdulazeez Alsamarra