Abdulaziz Ali A'raym 1891-1959


Fallujah is home to an outstanding number of national figures who played a glorious role in city’s social and political history. One of those characters was Abdulaziz A’raym who practiced along with his family, just from the beginning of his life, different activities including but not limited to commerce and the management of agricultural land in the rural areas of Fallujah. The family’s high standard of living, as well as their generosity, enabled them to achieve an elevated position in the Anbarian society in both Fallujah and Ramadi. Their mudheef (a tribal public reception hall) in Fallujah teemed with visitors from far and near places. This lofty reputation gave Al-Arim family at the time a chance to assume high public positions in the Iraqi nation until the overthrow of the Iraqi Hashemite Monarchy.

Keywords: Aal Araym , Abdulaziz, Iraq,Fallujah,Royal Era.