The Jurisprudential Approach to Al-Asifiya School By Al-Emaam Alnawawy As a Model


The Al-Asifiya school was founded in Fallujah in 1944 by Shaikh Hamid Al-mulla Hwesh in an echo to Al-Sifiyah School of Baghdad that was founded in 1242H. The time of Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Samarrai, particularly 1949, is considered one of the brightest periods in the history of the school. The educational system was a twelve-level system, and the jurisprudential approach is based on Shafai jurisprudence in the early stages, while the comparative jurisprudence is taught in the final stages.  It is noteworthy the book Al Talbeen Approach, by Al-Emam Nawawey, occupies a significant position in the school syllabus, taught at all stages. It always attracts attention among the Jurisprudential scholars in terms of interpretation and understanding.

Keywords: Al-Asfiyya, Fallujah, Al-Minhaj Al-Nawawi, Fiqh approach.