Al-Asfiya School in Fallujah: Its Scholarly and Intellectual Impact Prof. Yassin Nasser AlKhatib Al-Kubaisi As a Model


The "Asifyah" school in Fallujah has enjoyed an enormous scholarly and intellectual impact, not only in Fallujah but also across Iraq and the wider Arab and Islamic world. This is highlighted by the great scientific output of the school's scholar Sheikh Abdul Aziz Salem Al-Samarrai, along with the rest of the students of the school who contributed to the Arab and Islamic library with a variety of works including the sciences of Sharia, language, philosophy, and logic. One of the most famous students of this school is the scholar Dr. Yassin Al-Khatib Al-Kubaisi, who has left a substantial scientific legacy in almost sixty works and his presence as a teacher in the Holy Mosque and Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca, as well as his radio lessons broadcast in Iraq, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

Keywords: Intellectual Scientific Efforts Yassin Al-Khatib.