Designing Cartogram Maps of the Morphological Stages of Fallujah City Between 1870 and 1940, Using Geographic Techniques


This paper attempts to use the concept of cartography to review the morphological stages the city experienced for the period (1870-1940). In particular, this study uses three-dimensional volumetric maps to highlight the various stages of development along with Scape Toad, one of the cartogrpahic techniques which uses specific quantitative data (spatial space), and the environment tools ArcGis10.7 and Arc scene. One can present the phases of the city's formation through a CD-ROM (avi) as a historical geographical document. The paper has two sections, the first offers an introduction to the morphology of the city, while the second discusses the cartogram of morphological maps.

Keywords:Cities, Morphology, GIS, Cartogram Maps