Inference Based On The Prophet's Hadith At "Asifya" Scholars Dr. Hashem Jameel In His Book Issues Of Comparative Jurisprudence: Model


This study seeks to introduce one of the scholars of the religious school in Fallujah and one of the most prominent contemporary scholars in Iraq (Dr. Hashim Jameel). It further explains his approach in the deduction of the prophetic Hadiths in Islamic jurisprudence, in his famous book Issues of Comparative Jurisprudence, which is the most important curricular book taught in the faculties of Islamic sciences in Iraq. The introduction to this study offers a brief overview of the Asifya school and the life of Dr. Hashim Jameel, together with a summary of his book. It is followed by five segments. The first deals with Jameel’s method of attributing Hadiths, the second with his method for rulings on Hadith or Isnad, the third considers his discrediting and endorsement of the hadith narrators. The fourth considers debates surrounding the defects of Hadith, and the fifth looks at the enforcement of weak Hadith.

Keywords: (Asifya, attributing, Hadith, Hashem Jameel, Inference).