Geographical Analysis of Educational Services in the City of Fallujah during the Ottoman Period to the End of the Monarchy


The study of educational life in the past is a fundamental pillar that contributes to the development of educational services in general and those of the city of Fallujah in particular. This paper covers the Ottoman period through to the Iraqi Monarchy. Before the creation of the Al-Asifia School, education was largely restricted to small circles teaching young children about matters related religion (limited to Holy Quran Recitation and Islamic Jurisprudence). However, the period of the Iraqi monarchy witnessed the establishment of ten school, five of them preparatory and three primary, in addition to two Islamic schools. This study explores the state of education at this time and assesses the quality of the schools. The most important recommendation of this research is that fact that policymakers must calculate and evaluate the longer-term advantages and disadvantages when planning to implement new educational service matrices.

Keywords:Ottoman era, English occupation, monarchy, schools, kataeb