The Teaching Curriculum of Al-Asfiaih School in the Decrees is a Model


‘Obligatory’ is one of the greatest and most honourable sciences. It is Allah almighty who has ensured his status where he imposed the inheritances detailed by his great wisdom and divided among his people with his vast mercy. The Prophet's Sunnah then explained the provisions of the inheritances by the concerted news and the famous relics. This knowledge was disseminated among the Sahaba, and those who followed them are jurists. As with all other sections of jurisprudence, and they have made great efforts in understanding and explaining the rules of inheritance, scrutinizing its titles and scrutinizing its issues to the point where they do not aspire to more. Al-Asfia school in Fallujah has been following this approach since the beginning of its founding, teaching this science, and adopting the curricula received by scholars and aligned away from extremism, including the Book of Rahbia of imam Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Ali bin Mohammed bin Mohammed bin Al-Hassan al-Rahbi, who died in 577H. We wanted to examine this book and consider the way it was taught.

Keywords: The curriculum of the teaching of Al-Asfiaih school.