Elm Usool Al-Hadith"Written by: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Salem Al-Samarrai


There is no doubt that the Asfiyah school, represented by its Sheikh Abdul Aziz Salem Al-Samarrai, is profoundly important to the defining and dissemination of Sharia sciences in the city of Fallujah. Sheikh Abdul Aziz introduced the curriculum of Sharia science. One of those Islamic sciences was the “Basics of Prophetic Hadith” which was a great pillar of Islam. It is the second source of Islam after the Holy Quran. Given the importance of the prophetic Hadith in Islamic life, Sheikh Abdulazeez wrote an introductory book about the “Basics of Prophetic Hadith”. In this study, we review this book and offer new insights into its teachings. This research was divided into two sections. The first one deals with the biography of Sheikh Abdul Aziz. The second section focuses on the contents and teachings of the book. In the conclusion, we present the most important findings of this study.

Keywords: Abdul Aziz Al-Samarrai, Asfiyah, Editing, Hadith Rules.