The Godly Sheikh Khaleel Bin Muhammed Al-Fayadh: His Educational Efforts in Social Reform


Since its founding, Fallujah has been marked by virtue and generosity. It was possesses a brilliant history and is widely known for its great contribution to education, such as the Asfiya school. This school is a vital cornerstone in the construction and propagation of the nation’s religion. The School alumni can be found throughout much of the globe. They are admitted to Al-Azhar without need for curricular clearance. This school has adopted a scientific educational approach, unmatched among today's schools, which has made it a permanent and continued success. Despite the small size of the student body, Al-Asifiya students are of exceptional quality.

This conference is organized to revive the glorious history of the land of Mesopotamia from the district of Fallujah. The intellectual wheel in Fallujah has remained a resilient one. Whenever a setback happens to the intellectual and civic life, it is followed by a stronger regenerative movement, and a scientific renaissance that dust itself off and renew its glory.

One of the best examples of this is the reopening of the Al-Asifia School, led by an excellent staff of outstanding teachers. One of these is the pious Khaleel Bin Muhammed Bin Abdullah Al-Fayadh, well-known for his good morals, easygoing character, educational experience and wisdom in Islam advocacy and Guiding. He led a celebrated life in Al-Asifiyah with its leading guardian Sheikh Abdulazeez Al-Samarrai, the knowledge agent in Anbar Province.

Sheikh Fayadh is the Sheikh of Al-Asifiyah, he learnt from Sheikh Abdulazeez a variety of religious, narrated, and mental studies. He was licensed and publicly authorized to take over the administration of the school following Al-Samarrai. Al-Fayadh obtained the respect and a lofty position among the Fallujan community.

Keywords: Scientist, community reform, educational efforts, Sheikh Khalil, Mohammed Fayad