Methodology and Approach of Sheikh Abdulaziz Salem Samurai: Islamic Jurisprudence and Al-Asifiyah School As a Model Study


Praise be to Allah, praying and blessing are due the Prophet Muhammad and his household and companions.

This paper considers Sheikh Abdulazeez Salem Al-Samarrai’s approach in Islamic Jurisprudence. Focusing on the fundamentalist approach adopted in Al-Asifiya school, I pay especial attention to the Sheikh's message with regards to Jurisprudence fundamentals, as well as the rest of the books taught by the Sheikh in the school. I also consider how his syllabus was adopted by the school in order to confer an accredited certificate for the alumni of the school, which has produced some of the finest scholars and professors in the nation.

Keywords: Abdulaziz, Al-Asifiyah, Method, Islamic Jurisprudence, Samarrai