Inheritance, Sheikh Abdullah Hadid (May Allah Have Mercy on Him) and his Role in Building Society


The Islamic Ummah introduces many scholars to various kinds and types of knowledge, especially in Islamic jurisprudence. Reviving the memory of those scolars who served the city of Fallujah, and facilitating the dissemination of the teachings of Islamic law in general and Islamic jurisprudence in particular, this article focuses on one of the prominent figures of this city, Sheikh Abdullah Hadid. This article discusses his life and his impact on students of the Alsifiyah school, where he taught the Holy Quran before joining Alasfia. He was the first agent of the Court of Fallujah in matters of inheritance, and he developed great renown among people in Anbar and nearby provinces. This research is grounded on a series of interviews with his former students together with a range of other sources and references. In addition, I draw on my personal experiences of his teaching (when he taught me the method of Altzbir and spelling of the Holy Quran), and the years I accompanied him before his illness and death. The introduction focuses on the importance of the topic and the reasons for choosing it. The first segment considers his name, lineage, birth, and death. The second segment explores his method of teaching the the Holy Quran and inheritance. The third segment focuses on his religious and reformist role in society. The conclusion summarises my findings with regards to his impact on the construction of communities.

Keywords: Sheikh, community building, scientist, Abdullah Hadid, my assumption.