The Population of Fallujah A Documentary Study in the Light of the General Census of 1947


Fallujah is an Iraqi city located on the left bank of the Euphrates River, 60 kilometers west of Baghdad. This study considers the size of the city in 1947 based on an official document (General Census of 1947). This document is one of the most important sources by which we can get a clear idea of the nature of Fallujah society at the time. A document which is characterized by neutrality because it is issued by an official institution. This study considers the people of Fallujah in different respects, population, age, gender, housing in the rural or urban areas, nature of housing, social conditions, the most important health impairments in this society, their religion and sects, nationalities, movement of these people from other governorates, their professions and their crafts, the most important business and economic functions prevailing then, health and cultural situations, depending on the number of institutions in the city at the time in addition to the employees statistics.

Keywords: Fallujah Countryside and Urban, History of Fallujah, People of Fallujah, Population of Fallujah, Society of Fallujah