Empowering of Small, Micro and Cooperatives Business Enterprise (SMCEs) on Base Agribusiness to Face ASEAN Market: Survey at SMCEs Malang, Indonesia


Purpose: This study aim to analyze the Empowering of Small, Micro and Cooperatives Business Enterprise(SMCEs) on the base Agribusiness in Facing Asean Economic Community (AEC).

Method: Population in research is all SMCEs under develop on Board of Cooper- ative, Industry and Commerceof three areas, North-East, Central, and South-West Malangbeing based on Agribusiness. Sample was done of the trained and developed about management of is effort; administration, accountancy, marketing and exploiting of various facility of is inclusive of information technology that is as much 60 SMCEs.Analyze conducted by regression of variable supporting power of SMCEs.

Finding: The study result show that variables identified in model to progress of effort SMCEs equal to 0,66%. While if seen from level of influence relative minimize, that is only equal to 0,44%. Its Small cause is the influence possibility of progress variables of effort, with the indicator only mount the advantage and satisfaction in trying to represent the small shares from progress variables of is effort very macro. But that way result of this study represent the step of early good in comprehending by real is condition faced by SMCEs in Malang.

Originality: In addressing this condition SMECs anywhere including in Malang require attention was more serious in order to organize further about their performance in the face of this global issue. Otherwise SMECs would lose in global competition, which grew rapidly in the future.

Keywords: SMCEs Agrobusiness, AEC

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