Intercultural Dialectic in Communication among Local Transmigrant Employees in Manggarai-Indonesia


This research mainly focused on describing the intercultural dialectic in the interaction among local transmigrant employees in manggarai-NTT. The employees have multicultural background since they come from different regions in indonesia. A descriptive qualitative research design was used to understand the pattern of interaction among mother tongue of each employees, indonesian language, and other local languages that emerge the variation of language in their daily communication. In order to shed light on this issue, the factors that influence the use of the language variations were also significant to be considered. The research findings indicated that dialect maintenance, dialect adaptation, the occurrence of other languages, and the emergence of a unique dialect evolved. These patterns occurred due to some factors such as speech situation and topic, keeping the intimacy among the employers, language pride and as a marketing strategy.


Keywords: intercultural dialectic, language variation, local transmigrant employee.

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