Django Reinhardt’s “Minor Swing” in the Novel “Petrushka Syndrome” By Dina Rubina: Jazz Adaptation of Prose


This article explores the features of the mutual influence of musical and verbal texts in the works of Dina Rubina, the features of their interaction, the system of key-notes in various works and its functions. The principle of the influence of musical form on the compositional structure of a verbal text is disclosed. From these positions, the novel “Parsley Syndrome” is analyzed and a hypothesis is put forward on the reasons for choosing Jango Reinhardt’s jazz composition “Minor Swing” as the leitmotif of the novel. Also, the intersection points of the two texts are indicated both in the symbolic, and in the ideological and artistic part. The figurative structure of the novel and the similarity of the fate of the central characters with the fate of the author of “Minor Swing” are considered. The development of one of the main themes of Dina Rubina is shown: the continuity of the fate of the family and the clan, the mystical connection of the past and the present, the fatal inevitability of the logic of fate belonging to one genus, the talent and fortitude of the heroes of the novel, which allows one to overcome the vicissitudes of fate. The theme “doll-man” is highlighted, relevant for the novel “Parsley Syndrome”, its variations and forms.

Keywords: musical text, verbal text, jazz, ensemble, big band, chamber ensemble, violin, guitar, literature, book, leitmotif, system of characters, theatre, puppet, marionette, animate-inanimate, symbolism of a puppet

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