Urban Renewal Design-A Probe into the Reconstruction Mode of Urban Villages in Xi’an


Theproblemofvillagesinthecityisaproblemleftoverbythehistoryofdifferentstages of urban development.Itislikeapieceof” urban psoriasis”that affects the construction of the future city. How to explore a reasonable urban village reconstruction mode is of great significance for the future development of the city. In this paper, based on the investigation and analysis of the existing urban village construction environment in Xi’an, the author proposes the imagination of future living space mode of the village in the city, and explores how to transform the existing construction environment space of thevillageinXi’anCitytoreconstructthenewurbanpubliclivingspace,thus effectively driving the urban regional vitality, reasonably integrating villages in the City into the existing urban space development, and giving the village a new function and vitality.

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