The Effect of Service Quality to Customer of Loyalty Using Self-Service Technology: Internet Banking


Inthe21stcenturytheuseofinternetbankingisnolongeranoption,butisacustomer need. Internet banking research has been carried out in developed countries. This research was conducted in developing countries, Indonesia. This research aims to test the impact of service quality on internet banking towards customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. There are six independent variables studied, namely ease of use, fulfillment, security and privacy, responsiveness, reliability and convenience. This research use quantitative approach with Structural Equation Model (SEM) method. This research use 162 samples who use internet banking for Indonesia banks. The result showthatamongthe6dimensionofinternetbankingquality3dimensionhavepositive significant impact. They are ease of use, fulfillment, and security and privacy. In other side 3 other dimensions are responsiveness, reliability, and convenience have found to be not significant affect the customer satisfaction. In addition customer satisfaction has positive significant toward customer loyalty.

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