Contribution and Effectiveness Ease Smoke to Earnings of Genuiness Area North Province Sulawesi of the Year 2014–2017


This research of Iease contribution aim to: (1) Knowing to smoke to Earning’s of Genuiness North Sulawesi Province of Year 2014–2017; (2) Knowing to Iease effectiveness storey level smoke to Earning’s of Genuiness North Sulawesi Province of the Year 2014–2017. Research method: quantitative descriptive. Operasionalitation Variable: (1) Contribution Iease of smoke, (2) Effective smoke taxes Iease cigarette, (3) Earning’s of Genuinness North Province: Law, Number 33, Year 2004, about Counter Balance of Finance among/between Central Government and Local Government, Section 1, Sentence 18; such Earning’s of Genuinness is obtained by acceptance is area from source of in region alone which is collected pursuant to by Law as according to Law And Regulation going into effect, (3) Earning’s of Genuinness is: Law Number 33, Year 2004 about Counter Balance of Finance among/between Central Government and Local Government, Section 1, Sentence 18; such of Earning’s of Genuinness North Sulawesi is obtained by acceptance is area from source of in region alone which is collected pursuant to by Law as according to Law and Regulation going into effect. Type Data: data of Earning’s Of Genuinness North Sulawesi North Sulawesi Province Year 2014-2017. Source of Data: Data Primary: passing observation process, direct interview; secunder of data line on website, journal. Technique Data Collecting: (1) Riset Library, (2) Field Study: (a) Observation, (b) Interview, and (c) Documentation. Technique Analyse Data: (a) Analyse Contribution, (b) Effectiveness Lease Cigarette. Analysis Data: contribution and effectiveness Iease smoke to earnings of area genuiness. Model Analyse Data: (1). Analyze Contribution=Acceptance Of Cigarette Lease/Earning’s Of Area Genuinness X100%. (2). Analyse Effectiveness Lease Cigarette: Efectivity In The Year= Realization Amount Earnings Of Area Taxes Smoke /Target Acceptance Of Lease CigaretteX 100 %. Conclusion: (1). Result contribution analysis acceptance of Iease Smoke to Earnings Of Genuiness Area Province North Sulawesi Year Budget 2014-2017 is positive increase. By experiencing of increase per annum with mean level per year equal to meaningfully Iease contribution Smoke to Earnings Of Genuiness Area in Province North Sulawesi is to have good to contribution. (2). Level Effectiveness Lease Smoke is efectiveness, when seen tired effectiveness Iease Cigarette mean of percentage equal to this show Iease Smoke in Province North Sulawesi reside in at effective level. Suggestion: (1). To Government able maintain Contribution Iease Smoke also diffraction is progressively improved Contribution To Iease Smoke to Earnings Of Genuiness Area ever greater by more intensifying is collection and management of Iease Cigarette. (2). Expected is to researcher hereinafter to lengthen it is range of time that is 5 year, so that mount its better generalizing. Shall to enhance other variable and for the data of and population of sample more is extended, so that will give better result.



Keywords: contribution, effectiveness lease cigarette, earnings of genuiness area

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