Emotional Mindsets of Millennial Consumers in Surabaya on Local Indie Brands Purchase Decision


Emotions are the main drivers in the whole process of decision-making. In this online consumption era, many products try to offer experiences that speak to the emotions of customers and facilitate confident purchase decisions, one of which is products from local indie brands. As local indie brands are now popular among the millennial, to help drive sales and loyalty to their products, it is important to know the key emotional drivers and factors in the needs, desires, and behaviors of the consumers. This quantitative study that was conducted on 185 millennials in Surabaya aims to analyze eight different emotional mindsets that influence how millennial consumers make decisions to shop and buy. These eight emotional mindsets include: Know-It-All, Need Validation, Got to be First, Some Fun Want, Avoid Remorse, Decision Anxiety, I am Special, Buy and Be Done. The findings show that Need Validation is the most significant factor that influence the decision to purchase local indie brand products. This research will help these brands to be able to plan personalized and optimized shopping experiences that resonate with buyers, hence, increase their competitiveness.



Keywords: emotional mindsets, millennial consumer, local indie brand, purchase decision

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