The Effective Personnel Selection Via Multi-criteria Decision-making Method Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP): A Web-based Application


Decision-making is a process that people encounter in their daily or business lives. The process aims at reaching a conclusion depending on the aims of the people. Multiple factors affect the process of decision-making depending on the characteristics of these factors. These factors that affect the process of decision-making complicate encountered problems, and in this stage as a solution, multi-criteria decision-making methods are preferred to use by the decision-makers. Decision-making methods are categorized according to specific goals served to give the best results to decisionmakers. Certainly, the most important goal for organizations is to ensure that the right person works in the right job in line with his/her goals. The problems that are encountered by human resources managers is decision-making problems. A small mistake made by human resource department during the personnel selection can cause negative consequences in short or long term for companies. In this study, a web-based application was developed in order to solve the personnel-selection problems of human resources management. A model that is based on multi-criteria selection has been developed to ensure the elimination of candidates through the program based on solution algorithm of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is one of the most widely used decision-making methods designed as a web-based application so far.



Keywords: multi-criteria decision-making, analytic hierarchy process, human resources management, personnel selection, web-based application

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