Design and Development of Mobile Games By Cocos2d-X Game Engine


Since modern humans have a busy lifestyle, they usually have only limited and short period for rest each day. The purpose of this study is to develop a game for this type of scenario so that people can play this mobile game during their rest period. This game is immediate and brainwashing and a player is allowed to take pauses and resume the game anytime to continue the game at the pauses. Moreover, the operations are simplified so that people of all ages and both sexes can play this game without any problem. The game is programmed to have unlimited levels so that a player can continue playing this game. Upon the end of each level, a player is allowed to buy various types of equipment in order to keep strengthening his/her characters and refreshing the highest score. The development of modern mobile games is much simplified than the earlier days. Various types of game engines and development packages are ready for developers to use so that mobile game development is much simpler. The cocos2d-x game engine is selected in this study as the development environment. It features a convenient animation-making environment and a physics engine so that it is particularly suitable for action role-playing game (ARPG). A new game is created based on Japanese fantasy style and its music and artworks are designed and developed by the researchers in this study. It is a new game that belongs to the research team.



Keywords: Cocos2d-x, Android, action game

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