Concurrent Design Strategy in Modeling and Structure of Electric Scooter for Young Disabilities


Disabled people often use the electric scooter as a means of transport. However, the electric scooter designed for disabilities is too bulky and not light in shape. It is not only awkward on the road but brings inconvenience to young people with disabilities. In the first phase of the study, first the electric scooter with a higher market share as a design reference was collected; then we use the image scale analysis to determine the market position of the electric scooter. Combine each major component and derive detail design of the product through Morphological chart method and Finite Structure Method (FSM). This study uses this method to complete the development of product modeling and analyze the configuration of the product as the main function in the structural and main function in space. Let function and appearance have the efficient combination. Then use Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to obtain objective decision results. The use of Concurrent Design Strategy can effectively shorten the development process and increase the chance of product success.



Keywords: concurrent design, electric scooter, morphological chart method, finite structure method, analytical hierarchy process

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