Study on the Path of Virtualization Management of Wisdom Education Platform


Under the Internet thinking, more and more enterprises are turning to the virtualization business model and striving to break through the original production boundary. As the carrier of the education model of ‘Internet plus’, the education platform has a great difference with the development path of traditional education enterprises. Through the case analysis of typical platform enterprises such as Apple and Haier, the following conclusion was made: Internet platform enterprises should pay more attention to building ‘essence’ rather than ‘big’. In the fierce market competition environment, only the master of the core competitiveness of the virtualization business will achieve efficiency; the essence of the real platform enterprise is that it can create the system environment on both sides of the perfect cohesive platform, and in the new value network architecture, the interest distribution and cooperative competition relationship of relevant subjects are coordinated, which has a certain guiding effect on the development path of education platform in the future.



Keywords: wisdom education platform, Internet thinking, virtualization management, development path

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