The Current Situation and Thinking of Ideological and Political Education in College Students


The world today is in a profound change, facing the impact of diversified ideas and the negative effects of market economy; there is also a lack of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, mainly for the ideological education is not in place and the gradual weakening of ideological and political literacy of college students. The reasons are various, including the influence of external environment and the role of internal factors. To this end, we start to explore the effective ways of ideological and political education from the aspects of effectively creating a good ideological and political education environment and building an interactive platform for teacher–student dialogue, according to the established ideological education goal, teach college students ideological education information, let them recognize and internalize their own world outlook, outlook on life and values, achieve the purpose of guiding them toward the community’s desired direction. Therefore, the social development needs and the needs of college students are met, realize the organic unity of social development and individual development of college students.



Keywords: college students, ideological and political education, effectiveness

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