The Motivation Behind Mortuary Beauticians in the Funeral Business


The funeral business is a profitable business, and it’s interesting to be studied, especially on people who want to do extreme jobs that are not common. An important part of this business is the Mortuary Beautician or Funeral Cosmetology profession that is rarely in demand, even though it is of high-income, and professional recruitment is not advertised in the job vacancies. This profession must also have the soul of art and the calling of the soul. This research tries to dig deeper into the motivation and experience of mortuary beauticians in doing their work. This phenomenon is a reality that is rarely excavated and understood. To get a complete understanding of this profession, a research approach is needed that can explore various sources of data and information and gain deep understanding of the reality that occurs; therefore, this research uses a case-study approach. It was found that a strong belief in the mortuary beautician profession makes someone stay in their profession. The finding that enriched previous theory is that one’s ultimate motivation in working is not only in self-actualization (according to Maslow) but spiritual motivation, which makes people work more heart-minded and oriented to please their God.



Keywords: funeral business, mortuary beautician, motivation

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