Family Business Management Model on Fashion Home Industry Jambinese Batik


Since Jambinese batik industry is predominantly managed by family business, the study aimed to explore the management model of family business, its constraints and the solutions in conducting professional management practices. The subjects of the research are four creative home industries in processing Jambinese batik into various fashion attributes, ranging from attire, ‘lacak’, wall decorations to other forms in the city of Jambi. Using a qualitative approach, the data were collected through in-depth interviews, observations, documentation studies and triangulation. The result show that their management model is still traditional. In managing their business, they encounter with the problem of scarcity of craftsmen, raw materials and equipment that must be delivered from Java, market limitations and lack of awareness of batik home owners about the importance of financial recording and reporting. The solutions of their problem are discussed.



Keywords: home industry, traditional management, family business, Jambinese batik, craftsmen

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