The Transformation and Innovation of the Aceh Coffee Shops as an Expansion of Social Communication Network in Lhokseumawe


The study aims to identify in details the process of transformation and the innovation of coffee shops in Aceh as an expansion of social communication network of the Aceh people, particularly in the city of Lhokseumawe. The study is also intended to see how far the phenomena have brought changes to the social life of the Aceh people. With the world that is constantly changing, the transformation of the Aceh coffee shops after the Tsunami and The Aceh peace agreement (the Helsinki MoU) is inevitable. The nuance of gathering in the coffee shops has experienced changes. It has transformed from the traditional style into the modern style. This becomes the core unit of the analysis of the coffee shop transformation in Lhokseumawe using the innovation diffusion theory as the application of the study analysis. The study is conducted by using the qualitative method with the Focus Group Discussion/FGD as the technique of data collection.



Keywords: Innovation diffusion, Aceh coffee shops transformation, FGD, Social communication network, social changes.

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