The Lived Experiences of the Coaches of Various Sports Event in Polytechnic University of the Philippines


This study is an analysis of experiences of various sports coaches in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The researchers identify how effective coaches’ experiences in producing quality, competitive and high calibrated athletes. Moreover, the study identifies the different coaching philosophies, strategies and achievements towards effectivity and excellence as a coach. The exploratory method of research was used in the study. It involved the use of Semistructured interview and interview questionnaire in gathering the needed responses. Also, purposive sampling was utilized to select coaches who provided the pertinent information for the study. Based on the findings, the following conclusions were drawn: PUP Coaches are considered effective coaches by the means of their knowledge and learning gained from their master’s degree and the experience and exposure gained from their athletic career. PUP Coaches are not just coaches; they are also educators and homegrown professors in the College of Human Kinetics in Polytechnic University of Philippines, specifically in their mastery and field of sports.

Keywords: Lived Experiences, Coaches, Sports Event, Polytechnic University of The Philippines

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