A Spatial and Operations Modeling Method for Automatic Parking Systems


Automatic or Automated Parking Systems (APSs) would have spatial configurations that depend on both or any of the following factors: 1) its operations and 2) the physical structure design. Without a modeling method, designing and configuring an APS could be relatively challenging and result to special instances of APSs. On the other hand, a modeling method for this purpose would facilitate representing the spaces and operations used by APSs thus aid their design and configuration, and possibly make them adaptive to physical space constraints. This study developed such method for modeling the spaces and operations of APSs allowing their design and configuration to be highly flexible. It involved defining an approach for spatial representations and establishing a model for representing the operations of autonomous parking devices of APSs. The implementation of the spatial representations and operations model into a data structure suitable for computer programming was also described. A number of configuration examples based on those offered by current APS service providers
and a few hypothetical APS designs were used to test the applicability of the method. The test was facilitated by simulation software that allowed input of varied APS configurations, input of basic car parking and retrieval operations, and showing results of such operations. Results show that basic operations are correctly executed thus indicating that the model is applicable.

Keywords: modeling method, Automatic Parking Systems (APS), autonomous parking devices, spatial model, parking device operations model

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