The Development of Ergonomically Designed Automatic Fishing Net to Reduce WMSDs Risk among the Small and Medium Scale Fishermen


The main objective of the study is to improve the work condition of the small and medium scale fishermen. Specifically, the study seeks to: (1) provide a tool that can help the fishermen avoid lifting, too much exertion of force and reduction of back and arm pain due to repetitive throwing and pulling of net, and (2) reduce the 0.84
cumulative trauma disorder level of WMSDs among the Fishermen. The study took place in Muzon II, Rosario Cavite, Philippines. The study involves qualitative and quantitative concept of research using survey-interviews, ergonomics assessments to quantify ergonomics risk such as McCauley Bush Fuzzy, Rapid Upper Limb Assessments, Visual Analogue Scale and job demand analysis, and Time and Motion Study. The respondents of the study were 70 fishermen; 48 are small-scale fishermen, 70 are medium scale and 5 of them has no own boat. The data were treated using weighted mean and paired t-test. The researcher patterned the design of the product with fishermen work demand. The results showed cumulative trauma disorder was reduced to 64.05%. RULA posture score, weight and process time were also reduced by 43.08%, 66.67%, and 21.14%, respectively. Number of activities were still the  same, but the time and task is lessened. Furthermore, the researchers recommend continuing study in other external and internal factors that contribute risk in WorkMusculoskeletal Disorder such as boat layout and equipment, the type of material and power source.

Keywords: Automatic fishing net, ergonomics, work-related musculoskeletal disorder

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