Individual and Societal Factors Influencing Technology Adaptation of Rice Farmers in Northern Samar


This study examined individual and societal factors influencing technology adaptation of rice farmers in Northern Samar. This study was carried out in purposively selected Barangays in the municipalities of San Roque, Pambujan and Rosario in Northern Samar. Data were collected from selected seven farmers through pre-tested interview schedule. Various qualitative analyses techniques were applied to arrive at meaningful results. Findings show that farmers have very low level of participation in various organizations. Factors affecting adaptation to new technologies included farmers’ perception to technologies, education and physical conditions of the area. Personal barriers to their adaptation to new technologies include low educational level
and lack of technical knowledge to technologies. Other factors include high cost of technologies and high interest rates of lending institutions. The municipal agriculture office did not provide enough technical support on how to use and acquire farming technologies. Generally, lack of technical skill and high financial requirements hinder farmers in technology adaptation. Mechanization does not even exist in harvesting
and post harvesting due to high cost.

Keywords: Farm practices, Adaptation, Personal and Societal Factors

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