Occupants Conservation Attitudes on Energy Consumption: The Case in Isabela State University in Cabagan, Isabela


Heating and cooling electrical fixtures accounted to two thirds of a building’s total energy consumption. Energy consumption is the number one contributor to global warming. The Isabela State University in Cabagan, Isabela has an internal policy on energy conservation, hence this study focused mainly on the practices and attitudes
of occupants on energy conservation implementation in the campus. It has been observed that there is an increasing trend in the annual energy consumption of the buildings from 2012 to 2015. The occupants of the buildings were surveyed on their responses on how they implement, observe and practice the policy on energy
consumption and conservation of the university. The study revealed that the number of occupants, building design and area and the number of electrical fixtures are the major factors that influenced the energy consumption of the buildings. This study further evaluated the influence of the number of occupants on the energy consumption of the buildings in relation to their conservation attitudes on energy consumption. Occupants of the buildings are aware of the campus policy on energy conservation. This study revealed that their attitudes and practices on energy conservation is influence by their perception on the indoor environment quality of the building specifically on indoor temperature.

Keywords: occupants’ conservation practices and attitudes on energy consumption

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