Effects of Cigarette Butts Extract on the Mortality of Mosquito Wrigglers


The study aimed to determine the effects of cigarette butt extract on the mortality of mosquito wrigglers. It is an experimental research using true experimental design. Mosquito wrigglers collected were randomly selected with 10 wrigglers each treatment. The containers used for the treatment were randomly arranged
following the complete randomized block design with 3 replicates each treatment. Five treatments were tested: T1 Control1 (Water); T2 Control2 (Extract from new filter);T31 used cig-butt/li sdw/period of exposure (pE) until death of wrigglers; T4 2 used cig-butt/li sdw/pE; T5 3 used cig-butt/li sdw/pE where 24 hours was the period of
filter/cig-butt extraction or simple water soaking of cig-butt, and new filter for control. Mosquito wrigglers were collected using an empty aquarium. These treatments were unsuccessful. Modifications were made on the number of cig-butts, quantity of water, period of soaking/extraction of cig-butts and the period of exposure. When the cig-butts were soaked for 48 hours, mosquito wrigglers all died in T4 and T5 after 15 hours period of exposure. No wriggler died in T3 . Result of the experiment for the 4 trials revealed that the more cigarette butts extracted for a given quantity of water will kill mosquito wrigglers when exposed longer to the treatment.

Keywords: cigarette butt, extract, mortality, wrigglers

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