Psychological Problems in Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Novel The Black Swan


This paper discusses the psychological problems of the protagonist named Nina. The method used is qualitative research supported by library research as proposed by Currie (2007) stating that library research is used to collect ideas, theories, and reported empirical data within the context of scholarship from library. Since the paper deals with psychological problems, Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theory of anxiety and hallucination was applied to analyze the data. The research result showed that Nina experienced behavioral changes due to the influence of other characters around her. She encountered psychological problems due to her conflicts with other characters. Her psychological problems were mainly triggered by the pressures from other characters, and those problems make her anxious and always went hallucinated. The pressures encountered by her went deeper as she could not show her best performance at the time when she must dance black swan role.


Keywords: psychology, conflict, anxiety, hallucination

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