The Tradition of Manjapuik Marapulai in Minangkabau Culture


Minangkabau custom regulates the social order in a region and the interaction between one tribe to another in the region adapted in the culture of their respective regions. The Minangkabau community is a matrilineal. The matrilocal system for Minangkabau society is manifested in the Minangkabau ceremonial procession. One of these traditions is the ”manjapuik marapulai”. This tradition is not held in all areas of West Sumatra, but only a few areas still doing this ’bajapuik’ tradition, one of them is in Pariaman Regency.The tradition of ”manjapuik marapulai” is one of the marriage ritual processions, where after the marriage ceremony, the groom will be picked up by the family of the bride. Minangkabau people still hold firmly manjapuik tradition marapulai in the implementation of marriage. Besides as a form of local wisdom, it is also as a tradition that must be maintained by people from generation to the next generation so that Minangkabau culture will be maintained and not eroded by era development. The findings show that marriage ceremonies in Pariaman consist of: manyilau, maminang, batimbang tando, akad nikah, manjapuik marapulai, baralek and manjalang.


Keywords: Manjapuik marapulai, culture, Minangkabau.

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