Language Style Used in Brajamusti’s Film Tanah Surga Katanya


Language has important role in process of communication. This process of transferring information from one person to another people by using particular medium called as communication. Thus, it enables one to maintain relationship with other people. Through language processing, life becomes easy. In a conversation a speaker has to know the situation and environment. Tied to this, there are some language style commonly used when two or more people are speaking. And the style will be different from one context to another. The focus of this study is concerning language style used in Brajamusti’s film “Tanah Surga Katanya”. Language variety is defined as differences in pronunciation, word choice, and grammar due to the influence of such external factors as geographical areas and social group (Wardhough in Hasyim, 2008). In this research, the writer applies two methods of analyzing data, namely identity method and distributional method. (Sudaryanto, 1993: 13) The result shows that all types of language type are found in the novel.


Keywords: film, language style, frozen, formal, casual.

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